Bitcoin Versus The Matrix

So, quarantine continues to grind its way to the 10 weeks or so of initial lockdown until we are likely to see some form of graduated and masked release back to reality. At least going by the Wuhan timescale although much could obviously change.

This has paused a lot of things in life but on the flip-side allowed me more time to pursue some of my interests of Bitcoin, Investing, Trading, Economics and Philosophy. They are surprisingly well fitted to support each other when you dig into each of them.

Tonight as I drank my favourite lager, enjoying the irony of being a long-time corona and lime fan, I settled down and began watching the Matrix for the first time in many years. I enjoyed it when I first began watching it (probably a couple of decades ago now), it is a film of timeless ideas from philosophy, beautifully presented and with high action and drama. I even enjoyed the sequels unlike most of the rest of the world, as they continued tunnelling down the rabbit hole of philosophical concepts.

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He knows…

Since watching the first time, I began to have issues with the philosophy in the films after finding the philosophy of Objectivism which rang truer for me than anything else I’ve discovered. Objectivism is a school of philosophy descending from the reality-oriented primacy-of-existence school of Aristotelianism rather than the more mystical primacy-of-consciousness Platonic school. The Matrix’s most clear leaning is Platonic, it is clearly a metaphor from a Philosophical perspective of Plato’s cave. Plato envisioned someone who lives their entire life seeing nothing but the shadows of figures projected onto the wall of the cave and seeing nothing else thinks this to be the real and true reality until they one day escape the cave and see the actual true reality outside which almost blinds them. Philosophy is the means for people to escape the shadows dancing on the wall that we think is our true reality when we look out into the world and in our lives. Philosophy, Plato held, is our only hope to know the real and the good.

Will You Dare to Leave Plato's Cave? Leading Minds Weigh-in on ...
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Much has developed, changed, or been built upon in my thinking since I first watched the Matrix. One thing I’ve really come to realise is that the movie doesn’t represent the dilemma of knowing true reality for me anymore. I’ll perhaps come back to this in more detail in another post as it was a question that obsessed me for a while but this is settled for me now. This is true reality that we are in right now. I’m not worried about this, the burden of proof, Ockham’s razor, and Rand’s fallacy of the stolen concept have us covered here. This lack of worry over this question was maybe what caused the disconnect with the film as it was the central conflict. However, as I watched the movie again tonight, I realised the conflict between The Matrix and True Reality much more satisfyingly represented the conflict between Bitcoin and the current financial system. Neo the people’s hero representing Bitcoin, and The Matrix representing the current financial system.

The Red Pill / Blue Pill metaphor has become rife in modern culture. The choice between the ease of an ignorant life perpetuating the status quo, or the difficulty and hardship that comes with pursuing the truth.

Mind Nature: Red Pill or Blue Pill? - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Bet you’ve not seen this screen-grab before

Nowhere is this fight more apparent or more important than in that between this new decentralised money, the plucky underdog that follows the laws of nature in its built-in economics and hard-money monetary policy. It is a system that incentivises high time-preference thinking rather than an unsustainable low-time preference debt-ridden printer goes brrr current system. It is the key thinkers of the bitcoin community who are representing Morpheus and freeing the minds of those currently stuck in The Matrix.

One system is free-market and will reward those who can discover truths and who become better able to understand and navigate their way through reality, it will positively reward them for doing so with access to more of the supply of value, and only them, no one else can inflate supply for their own benefit. It is those best able to provide value or predict the events of reality that will benefit most, thus encouraging both of these behaviours. This is Bitcoin. It has taken upon itself to fight against a system whose whole survival is built upon you never discovering the truth of how it operates and who will continue to benefit most. Those at the top with the earliest access to the money going brrrr are the winners the rest of us normies will forever lose the product of our labour to the money printers. One is decentralised so that no one controls it and set up to reward those who create value the most wherever they fit into the system, the other is centralised and set up to reward those at the top who first control the supply a choice controlled by central-banks. This fiat system is powerful and intimidating as too was The Matrix. But Bitcoin has now survived for over a decade, Neo is starting to take the fight to the agents of The Matrix.

US Stimulus Package in Action - Money printer go brrr | Product Hunt

It is a big fight ahead… But it is the people’s money… and the people are starting to believe…

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