Banging Top Breakfast – Episode 5… The Banging Top Christmas Special

Jimmy learns that people shrink as they age and that their heads don’t grow back when they’re cut off. Then gives people an absolute grilling for being beanbags and surprises us all with some thoughtful insights around boundaries.

Lea discusses the different priorities that women should seriously think about around their life stages when dating, and the disappointment of needy men.

I talk about the Stock to Flow model of 100trillionusd who you should absolutely follow on Twitter if you’re into bitcoin. His article on medium is now famous in the crypto-community and models the impact of bitcoin’s price based on its inflation which halves every 4 years and we are due the next halving in March of 2020. This predicts a price of about $55k in the years following the halving, up from the current predicted price of $6k average this halving period. Due to volatility the price will swing between $27k or so and $150k or more.


This is not financial advice but why I would recommend having at least a good night out’s worth of beer money in Bitcoin in case it does go how the believers of us think it might.

The Inaugural Banging Top Book Club

For anyone who wants to check out the key talking point chapters from the below book, you can read them for free here.

Check out the link above, you will not regret reading these 13 articles if personal finance isn’t something you’ve read about before. It will serve you the rest of your life.

We will discuss this in an upcoming podcast to give our thoughts and experiences from our lives lived knowing these concepts.

It was a really fun episode of the Banging Top Breakfast Podcast to record. I hope you enjoy.

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