Banging Top Breakfast – Episode 3

I’m late to the party as this came out at the weekend, but I was very drunk and crashed with a girl I was out with on Friday night and then out bowling the next day despite shivering with hungover misery. So, I completely missed the launch of this episode.

This show covers our wild foreign adventures where we cheap-skated our way across the Balkans but still got drunk enough for Johnny to fall asleep in a restaurant and Jimmy to take the opportunity to eat his pizza before waking him up again.

We also go full rant on Brexit, Trump, Jimmy’s advice on how to steal a pencil sharpener like a true upstanding Burnley citizen, and my tips for pipe-lining your way across South America.


2 Replies to “Banging Top Breakfast – Episode 3”

    1. Cheers. There’s some interesting insights to apply from data science to game. I’ll be looking to explore this more in future episodes.

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