Johnny Wisdom, Reloaded

It’s time, I’m back.

I have some unfinished business that I need to get handled and I want this to be a record of that process.

When I left the game years ago I was relatively happy with what I’d attained from my time in it. A beautiful girlfriend with a character I admired. I’d developed myself from a super-shy awkward and introverted guy to a pretty well-balanced person who could be extroverted when I wanted to be and also able to meet and date beautiful women, and skilful and brave enough to meet them in socially challenging scenarios. I had a friendship group with some of the coolest guys I could hope to know, I travelled a lot and I’d built a career that could more than support my lifestyle including some very rewarding and interesting side-hustles.

Obviously over time, goals change, and I changed. We never stop being impacted by our development. You’re either growing or dying. As I was coasting and enjoying the hard work of my early and mid-twenties things slowly started unravelling as I hit my early and mid 30’s.

Things didn’t work out with my girlfriend and I broke it off when I was around 29. I can only put this down to the right girl, wrong time. The seeds of the relationship’s demise were there from the beginning as I was in the part of my life’s blueprint where I wanted to be young, free, and single and meet other people. I also knew deep down that I wouldn’t be ready to offer her kids when she would need to make that choice. This conflicted with the obvious and clear fact to myself that I was in the best relationship I’d ever been in by a country mile and wondered if I’d be able to find something so good again. Which is why it took me so long to end it. Partly a lack of being world-wise about the way things work and partly a weakness of character afraid of losing something great in order to do what was right for me, by chasing adventure and stepping into the great unknown.

After we broke up, I should have hit things hard, and I did for a short while, but after an initial burst of daygame with some great successes I stopped. Over the years since then, of all the areas in my life, my social skills to some degree, and my social daring to a large degree took the biggest hit, it slowly crept up on me but it has now left me a fair bit older, and in a weakened position. I can’t go out and meet beautiful women with the same confidence and skill as I could in my prime daygame years. I’ve regressed and the world has moved on as it always does. There are many more people patrolling the streets using the lines and stop which was once so original. Brexit (which don’t get me wrong, I agree with) has resulted in a drop off of hot European girls. I’m also rusty and coming back after all this time, I’m having to face some of the same demons again such as the level 1 stage of approach anxiety strong enough to make me avoid many great opportunities to meet beautiful girls, mental blocks such as imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs have crept in and taken root. Essentially, I need to do a spring cleaning of my life and provide myself the reference experiences to back up my still-strong-although-with-less-external-reason deep core belief that I’m an absolute baller. Yes, I’m now without having the same environmental factors that complimented my life and value so much before with being in a house full of an incredible and cool gang all skilled and keen on game, but new and different amazing things can be built if I put my mind to it as I have done in the past.

One of the main reasons my social dynamics have slipped is that I got lazy and began to rely on online game for all my dates. I truly am pretty incredible at online game having achievements such as a challenge I set myself to date 8 girls in a week and ended up dating 10 girls in 6 days. I also dated girls from all around the world including while I was travelling through central and south america. So, I’ve still got skills in game generally, but some of the key skills of approaching and attracting beautiful girls wherever I see them has slipped. Online is also an incredibly inefficient method of dating compared to my old specialism of daygame, and it is an extremely difficult way to find the highest quality girls with any regularity.

So I’m back here in this arena ready to take myself through game 101, particularly daygame, and even more narrowly approaching well. I want to re-find my abilities and skill with daygame to make sure my skills are current and able to support my dating and relationship goals as well as continuing to grow into the man I want to be in the world. I want to embrace the challenges from approaching and setting out to date beautiful women despite the often brutal setbacks and rejections that are part and parcel of any attempt to both bring such high value into your life. Mastering social dynamics, in general, fascinates me, and the reward of achieving this in dating, allowing me to meet a great selection of quality girls, and then when I’m dating several great girls, eventually picking the one that is best for me, sounds a bloody smart plan for my future and a lot of fun too.

This will also be a place to drop my thoughts on life and my other interests that may be valuable for others. I’ve learned some things I think are valuable over the years and I’m going to try and present these and my progress returning to game as transparently and authentically as possible so that I can learn faster and get better quicker by showing and acknowledging my mistakes and getting girls’ and other peoples’ direct feedback to me on this. If others can learn from my journey indirectly and join in on their own journeys based on what I get up to then all the better.

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