A Banging Top Breakfast Is Served

Just a quick note to check out the new podcast I’ve created with one of my best mates and oldest friends… Seriously, he’s quite old. Jimmy Jambone.

It’s a lot of fun to do and while I’ve always been an inconsistent writer, I’ve had years of loving sitting around and talking about ideas with my mates. Finally with the two brain cells we have between us, we decided to stop doing it in private and start putting it out there with a podcast.

Make of it what you will. His irreverent storytelling style and my depth of nerdery complement each other well. The lanky godfather of London game and an ageing nerd (although younger than Jimmy) who despite this scores decent skirt from time to time.

There are some parts I listened to afterwards and would probably say in a different, clearer, or more engaging way but the ideas are great and the stories are fun. We’ll only get better with time and will hopefully grow it into something regular and of even greater quality.

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